Our Vision

To be a market leader in providing innovative solutions and new technology for the energy industry in Malaysia and internationally.

Our Mission

To be an environmentally conscious, fiscally responsible, well managed for-profit enterprise that reinvests for future growth and development for the betterment of our country.

To innovate - fully understanding problems and opportunities and employ technology and resources to offer feasible solutions in accordance to our client's expectations.


Information Memorandum

Information Memorandum in relation to the proposed placement of 16,000,000 ordinary shares in Steel Hawk Berhad ("Steel Hawk") ("Issue Share(s)") at an issue price of RM0.20 per issue share in conjunction with the proposed listing of and quotation for the entire Enlarged Issued Share Capital of Steel Hawk on the LEAP Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad

Date Announced: 10 Sep 2021