Provision of Maintenance Services of Pig Trap System

Steel Hawk provides complete EPCC services for Pig Trap Systems at all crude & gas pipelines both for launchers and receivers. Pig trap system is an essential component of a pipeline system for pigging activity. They are required to facilitate pigging operations. Pig trap systems are classified as Unfired Pressure Vessels, so all components repairs and maintenance staff (for WORK) must conform to DOSH regulations and recognized standards. 

The objective of our services is to identify pig trap system that fall below acceptable standards and to rectify all identified defects either by component replacement, repair, or a combination of both. The WORK scope consists of five (5) major elements which are as follow:- 

ï‚·    Inspection
ï‚·    Engineering Analysis
ï‚·    Procurement
ï‚·    Fabrication
ï‚·    Installation, Hook-Up and Commissioning

As and when required by client, our team plans and carries out routine inspections of all pig trap system and associated facilities in all operational areas. The schedules shall be established after CONTRACT award and shall be approved by our client. In addition, we do undertake ad-hoc inspections as instructed by our clients.

Visual Inspections
Whenever practicable, inspections is performed during pigging operations. This is required in ensuring the function and performance of pig trap system can be observed.  The following list of scheduled inspection items is provided as a guide and is not meant to be fully inclusive but not limited to: 

ï‚·    End closure leaking under full pressure or atmospheric conditions.
ï‚·    Missing or non-functioning/damaged end closure components
ï‚·    Condition of end closure seal
ï‚·    Condition of end closure hinges while being operated
ï‚·    Condition of end closure locking mechanism
ï‚·    Condition of end closure and barrel mating surfaces
ï‚·    End closure alignment
ï‚·    Condition of all safety features
ï‚·    Condition and operability of pig alerts
ï‚·    Condition and operability of pressure gauges and temperature gauges
ï‚·    Condition and operability of valves
ï‚·    General condition of pig trap internal and external. (Minor/major barrel and reducer)
ï‚·    Condition of all flanges and stud bolts/nuts
ï‚·    Condition of draining system (end closure and drain lines)
ï‚·    Dimensions of pig trap
ï‚·    Access to pig traps for Intelligent pigs
ï‚·    Condition of lifting equipment (where provided)
ï‚·    Congestion/SCOPE OF WORK space for pigging operations
ï‚·    Condition of existing pig trap pipe support

End Closure Servicing 
End closures often prove difficult to operate due normal wear and tear. Steel Hawk shall arrange for the servicing of end closures by suitably qualified parties as and when required by client’s operational staff or identified during the inspection phase. This service may be subcontracted to the end closure manufacturer. On-site training of operational staff shall be provided during such service periods. Training shall be specific to the correct safe operation of the end closure and maintenance of end closure and is not intended to transfer maintenance knowledge. The servicing shall include the following:  

ï‚·    Door Closure Seal and Bleed Screw Seal inspection cleaning and change out if required
ï‚·    Door Seal groove inspection and cleaning
ï‚·    Cleaning of drain hole
ï‚·    Safety bleed seal cleaning and change out if required
ï‚·    Cleaning of door/hub mating surfaces including removal/blending of minor irregularities
ï‚·    Alignment and clearance check of door
ï‚·    Alignment and clearance check of locking mechanism
ï‚·    Quick of opening and closing of door closure.

Component Replacement 
Steel Hawk is competent to replace all defective components identified during the inspection cycle or reported independently by client. Wherever possible, Steel Hawk shall standardise components upon agreement by our client. Replacement will normally take place with the pig trap in situ on the platform. We shall mobilise our manpower and equipment to site in order to undertake the replacement SCOPE OF WORK. The following list provides a guide to the items most likely to be in need of replacement. It is not intended to be an exhaustive listing. 

ï‚·    End closure seals
ï‚·    End closure door
ï‚·    End closure locking mechanism
ï‚·    End closure locking actuator mechanism
ï‚·    End closure safety bleed valve and seal
ï‚·    End closure hinges
ï‚·    Pig signaller/indicator (Intrusive or Non-Intrusive type)
ï‚·    Weld neck flanges
ï‚·    Spiral wound gaskets
ï‚·    Stud bolts and nuts
ï‚·    Pressure gauges
ï‚·    CorroCap

Weld Repairs / Modifications 
In the event that repair to the pig trap requires welding works, Steel Hawk shall provide qualified welders. All welding operations shall require a welding procedure approved by our client and DOSH or DOSH approved third party. Such work may be undertaken on site (offshore / onshore) or in Steel Hawk’s fabrication yard.  Welding repairs shall include but not be limited to the following: 

ï‚·    Supply of all procedures, tests and certification
ï‚·    WPS & WPQT
ï‚·    Welding of flanges
ï‚·    Replacement of major pig traps sections (major/minor barrel and reducers)
ï‚·    Replacement of end closures with flanged type connectors
ï‚·    Welding of weldoletts
ï‚·    Welding of fittings
ï‚·    Repairs to end closure mating services
ï‚·    Hydrotesting of completed repairs
ï‚·    NDT (X-Ray, UT & MPI)
ï‚·    Blasting and coating of completed repairs
ï‚·    Post weld heat treatment (if Required)
ï‚·    Modification of existing barred “T”
ï‚·    Modification on major barrel for provision of purging line, fitting and valve which will be used for Nitrogen purging during pigging  activity
ï‚·    Modification of existing drain line and drip pan to comply with PTS requirement
ï‚·    Modification of existing vent line connected to atmospheric to drain line
ï‚·    Modification of existing kicker line to comply with PTS requirement
ï‚·    Modification of existing pig trap pipe support
ï‚·    Removal of existing damage and installations of new fabricated pig trap

All repairs to the pig trap complies with ASME design codes. All welding works complies with the latest applicable both international codes, PETRONAS Technical Standards (PTS) as deems necessary at point of request by client.