Maintenance, Construction and Modification (ONMCM) Services

Steel Hawk offers Onshore facilities works ranging from major upgrading, modification and construction to topside life extension scheduled and corrective maintenance works in oil and gas industry with a matured and well-rounded organisation with complete support departments such as Procurement, Logistics, Health, Safety and Environment, Quality Assurance and Quality Control and Human Resource and Manpower. Scheduled maintenance is focuses on planned activities while corrective maintenance is more on unplanned activities arising from unforeseen circumstances. Further, others associated services are work and communication vessels, logistics services, inspection services as well blasting and painting services. 

Our QA & QC and HSSE procedures are betrothed at all levels of operations to ensure compliance with project requirements in reference to valid laws, codes, standards, specifications and regulations of client’s agreement.

SHESB has implemented sound and effective procedures for control, coordination and reporting of its activities, those of its and suppliers, and interfaces with the company and company's other contractors, vendors, suppliers, third parties and others. The contract management activities shall include, but not limited to:

Establishment of relevant measures of performance and ongoing appraisal of performance compared to the plan, including those specified under the contractsImplementation of procedures to ensure that the quality of performance, HSE, manhours and time elements of the contract are fulfilled from time to time by our in-house teams.

Analysis of trends and deviations and early implementation of corrective actions is part of our continuous services in-situ at the facilities.

Keeping the company informed of progress, status and outlook in a timely manner and providing formal reports required is another primary responsibility we undertake to ensure our client's asset and integrity is assessed at all times.

Steel Hawk develops and put into operation an interface procedure to coordinate those activities within its control and interface with activities controlled by the client including suppliers and vendors. SHESB identifies and coordinates such external interfaces as required for the performance of the SCOPE OF WORKS. 

Typical SCOPE OF WORKS performed by STEEL HAWK may include, but not limited to: -

  • Project Management Team
  • Cost Tracking for all WORK ORDERs
  • Materials and Services Procurement
  • Resource and Procurement Planning
  • Improvements and/or modifications to existing facilities
  • Fabrication activities at yard and/or inside onshore facilities
  • Office facilities for the Project Management Team and for company’s representative
  • Measuring, scoping and verifying of the work to be performed at the onshore facilities
  • Replacement of heavily corroded or damaged structural members, handrails, gratings and piping spools
  • Preparation, cleaning and painting of the structures in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas, to specific standards including internal lining work
  • Removal, installation or modification of component parts of the structures 
  • Preparation work onsite for recertification of vessels and relief valves  
  • Shutdown modifications and overhauls 
  • Removal, Modification, Installation, Non-destructive testing (NDT) and Reinstatement of pipework
  • Removal, Modification and Installation of piping insulation
  • Removal, Modification, Installation and Function Testing of instrument tubing, fittings and instruments
  • Removal, Modification, Installation and Function Testing of electrical cables, fittings and equipment 
  • Planning and Activities Networking for all phases of the work
  • Workscoping, workpack preparation and compilation and submission of close-out report
  • Project MATERIALS certification, handling and transportation and surplus management
  • Participating in engineering risk assessments (HAZOP, HAZID, etc.) and engineering review (Constructability, Line Design Review, etc.) whenever requested by client
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning of a new/modified equipment/system at site  
  • Testing and pre-commissioning at yard i.e. electrical and instrumentation, mechanical equipment, etc.
  • Preparation of HSE related documentations per client’s HSEMS and statutory requirements i.e. Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), Hazard and Effect Management Process (HEMP), Hazard and Effect Register (HER), Chemical Hazard Risk Assessment (CHRA)
  • Appropriate as-built drawings and mark ups for Facilities Improvement Project (FIP) and Terminals maintenance inclusive of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation, Production & Process
  • Provide rigging and scaffolding assistance for various inspection SCOPE OF WORKS, valves change-out and miscellaneous SCOPE OF WORKS conducted by company’s operation  
  • Provide minor civil work related to maintenance, construction and modification works  
  • Provide support for all associated maintenance works as and when required basis  
  • Provide abseiling work for any maintenance or inspection activities  
  • Provide storage of project materials at SHESB’s warehouse as well as preservation of project materials   
  • Provide management of debris, scraps, waste and schedule waste 
  • Provide transportation equipped with lifting equipment whenever required  
  • Provide minor E&I work related to maintenance, construction and modification works   


SCOPE OF WORKS may be performed at onshore facility in a shutdown mode under specific procedures such as SISO/SIPCOM/SSP or any other governing procedures that may be applicable at the time. 

Details of Scope of Works

In general, scope of work are include any or all other work and services which is generally related to Facilities Improvement Project (FIP) and onshore facility maintenance works. All of which are deemed required and necessary to complete the execution of the project. These shall include but not limited to the following: -

All Equipment and/or material shall be calibrated, tested, pre-commissioned and certified shall again be calibrated, tested, pre-commissioned and commissioned at worksite, unless stipulated or specified otherwise

SHESB is responsible to carry out wash down at related area as identified by company’s representative. These activities have to be performed to the satisfaction of company’s representative prior to issuance of Hot Work Permit.

SHESB shall be responsible for identifying and completing all tie-ins and interconnections of the systems and the associated commissioning of the system.

SHESB is responsible for offloading, receiving, uncarting and placing all material and equipment into their final position.

Upon completion of the installation of the Equipment and/or materials facilities and other appurtenances in their final position, we at SHESB shall perform a physical/visual inspection of damages and report the findings to client immediately after the installation has been completed. 

For any WORK ORDER, SHESB shall provide with two (2) complete sets of AFC drawings. One (1) set shall be used for the actual WORKS while the other set shall be kept and used as the "mark-up" drawings which shall be marked by red lining on a daily basis to indicate all approved modifications during the contract work as part of our Final Documentation (final Doc).

At the commencement of each WORKS, SHESB is responsible in providing and setting up equipment and/or materials including and not limited to Turnaround site offices, store, scaffolding, weather protection, etc., deemed necessary for the construction and life support.

SHESB shall also be responsible for the removal of all temporary tie down points, water proof wrapping on equipment and temporary blinds on the entire facilities and its appurtenances related to SHESB’s WORKS unless stated otherwise. Loose ends of cables, openings in piping/tubing must be adequately protected in the hook-up phase.

SHESB shall as well execute our responsibility for reinstalling minor equipment/ fixtures that are removed in order to facilitate transportation of the equipment and/or material.